MDS Customer Support

MDS continues to manage and support a variety of e-commerce functions following the launch of ShopUW+. See below for areas where MDS continues to provide support. For other ShopUW+ system administration functions historically handled by MDS staff in Shop@UW, please contact UWSA Problem Solvers.

Functions Supported by MDS

MD # Account Administration

MD accounts are used for MDS/SWAP-related financial transactions and service requests.

Submit requests for a new account or an edit to an existing account:

Request or Edit an MD Account


The Verona Operations MDS warehouse maintains an inventory of popular products so you can take advantage of bulk pricing and reduce delivery times on orders.

Buy MDS-CORESTOCK through ShopUW+

 ShopUW+ Order Info and Package Tracking

Users should contact MDS Customer Service for ShopUW+ order details.

Request ShopUW+ order tracking information by filling out the package tracking request form:

Package Tracking Request Form

ShopUW+ Order Returns and Return Pick-up Requests

Return information, including MDS-CORESTOCK returns, is available on ShopUW+ Essentials. You can request MDS pick up authorized returns for certain vendors.

Return Information

Return Pick-up Request Form

AIRGAS Cylinder Rental Charges

Updates to cylinder rental funding need to be submitted using the Cylinder Rent Adjustment Form in ShopUW+ Essentials. For other billing questions, please contact MDS Customer Service.

Questions about Airgas orders should be routed directly to Airgas at or (608) 241-1440.

Request UPS Package Shipping

MDS will collect, process, and ship your UPS package or freight upon request. Processing and shipping charges will be applied to your provided funding string. UPS collects all outbound packages from MDS each weekday.

Request a UPS Shipment

Contact MDS Customer Service

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