Speed Pack Request Form

Speed packs (heavy duty moving boxes) are available for UW-Madison departments to gather and transport surplus property for future pick-up or delivery. Use of speed packs for any other purpose is prohibited.

Each Speed Pack is 40" x 30" x 30". You may request that a 4-wheel dolly or pallet be delivered with each Speed Pack.

Speed Packs and additional supplies are delivered to loading docks or main floor receiving areas only. Room delivery is not available.

Please note:
  • Books, office and lab supplies should be boxed up before being placed in speed packs.
  • Do not use speed packs for heavy equipment over 50 lbs. or for equipment that is leaking oil or other fluids.
  • If you need small boxes for books, glassware, or supplies, please request them in the "Additional Comments" section.

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One allowed per speed pack.
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